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Automatic Adaptive Average


Another baby of my.

If you are always wondering what period moving average to use.
If given the correct answer, he is valid, only at that point.
Due to changes in market volatility waves lengt are variable.

I present to you a Automatic Adaptive Average,
which determine the number of periods for its calculation by himself.
Besides that, the length of the moving average, is changing from period to period.

So for that line of AAA, you can not say, it's MVA 25th
It was at one time, 15 MVA, 25 MVA in the second and so on.

You can say that it have variable length.

This indicator is available to  FXCodeBase users hire.



Spreads show the difference in price between two securities.

A spread Trading involves buying one security and selling another.
Profit opportunities arise from the narrowing or expanding of the difference between the two securities.

Spreads are typically constitute between securities with high correlation.
Exploit temporarily disrupted relationships  between securities.

Opening at the same time Long & Short position we expect that one of securities will rise faster (or fall more slowly) than the price of other.

You can also spread a single security, by buying one contract and selling another with different maturity.

Spreads by type

Intramarket spread.
Buying one contract and selling another with different maturity.

Intermarket spread.
Long futures position in one market, and short futures position of the same month in another market.

Inter-exchange spread.
Creating spreads between contracts in similar markets, but on different exchanges.

Ownership of the underlying and offsetting with a futures contract.


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