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If you trade on FXCM Micro. You can use this trading opportunity. Generic U.S. Dollar Index, the most this year is located in a 400 pip wide channel. Lately you can spot the first signs of weakening, opening the possibility for Short Trade. If pip is worth $ 10 You do the math. Also, be aware of the impact of possible weakening of the dollar to other currency pairs.

Aussie/ Kiwi Trading opportunity


AUD / NZD is located in the bottom quarter of major Uptrend channel.
Distance from the channel, some 500 pips. The profit target, distance from the upper trend line is 1500 pips. If you decide to enter into this trade, you have an acceptable risk to reward ratio, 1 / 3.

However, if we make adjustments to this analysis, we get a more favorable risk to reward ratio. Something like 1 / 10.

Do not expect a further drop, to, majortrend line. (Full red line)
It seems that the market found support at the zone which consists of two trend lines of minor importance. (dashed Red and blue line),
The only problem is the down trend line that formed, the triangle pattern. On Chart It can be seen as a green line. Break Over this line can be used as additional confirmation, prior to entering into this trade.

To remind you, that New Zealand's central bank at this week's meeting, decided to leave key interest rates unchanged at 2.5 percent.

Is Usd/Sek new Swissy


Last analysis this weekend, except in technical analysis have support in market sentiment.
With Decision of the Swiss National Bank to fix the exchange rate against the euro.
Swiss francs de facto have lost its status of the last global reserve currency.
Rumors say that treders sought refuge in currencies such as SEK and NOK.
Technical analysis can not find reason against this trade, but on the contrary.
Swedish krona is a wide down trend channel.
Currently we are only 2,000 pips from the upper trend line.
The maximum profit target here is 20,000 Pips.
Do not forget the pip value for both pairs of 0.02 dollars on Micro.


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